Saturday, March 11, 2006

London's Perspective of NDAQ's LSE Bid

The UK's Daily Telegraph ran a story today regarding the NDAQ bid for LSE (click here for the story). It's interesting that NDAQ demanded in it's faxed offer letter, that the LSE respond "formally."

One can't help wonder about such a demand. What benefit could NDAQ derive from a formal response? Maybe the answer is evidenced by NDAQ's share's getting a lift once LSE's response hit the wires.

Here's a highlight from the Daily Telegraph's piece today:

"He [NDAQ CEO, Bob Griefield] has also managed to anger the LSE management and advisers with the style of his approach, delivered by an abrupt fax on Thursday which included a demand for a formal response. For a supposedly hi-tech company to use the fax raises a giggle."


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