Thursday, January 12, 2006

General Putnam the Quintessential Entrepeneur!

Putnam is an awesome businessman. And I've never seen "Ivy League Schools for Dummies." He's obviously a very smart man. The alleged character flaws being banterred about in the NYX bleachers (i.e. Y! Finance message boards) are without merit.

Honestly, the executive management team at the NYX is unrivaled. No other exchange has the caliber of generals that NYS does.

As for personal attacks and accusations against Mr. P -- they're really not appropriate! It sounds like sour grapes and jealousy. Speaking of sour grapes:
Q: What happens when you step on a grape?
A: It lets out a little w(h)ine.

I think someone slipped goofy pills in my coffee this morning. Sorry for the jokes, but I hope you can use them.


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