Tuesday, January 10, 2006

WSJ's Blunderful Lucchetti

Today, WSJ reporter Aaron Lucchetti has drafted an article about the NDAQ acquisition of The only message that this article conveys is that Lucchetti's agenda involves taking aim at the NYX.

My favorite part of today's dose of bearcrap, is in his last paragraph. Here he writes, "The Nasdaq moves may help counter the NYSE's advantage with executives curious about their why their company's stock price is moving."

Could this be evidence that Lucchetti somehow bypasses the WSJ editorial team? To be sure, ArcaNews has its share of typos, but ArcaNews is certainly no Wall Street Journal. As a WSJ subscriber, at the very least, I expect cohesive sentences!

Lets not get hung up on that stuff though. The reason for this post is simply to point out how Lucchetti, again, tries to conjure up some story based on trivial news items. First, he tirelessly scribed articles about one dissident shareholder that never amounted to anything. Now he turns his attention to a meaningless acquisition by NDAQ.

Today's announcement from NDAQ about their purchase of highlights NDAQ's relatively weak management team. What does NDAQ forecast their ROI to be with this acquisition?

Meantime, another metaphoric coat of paint has been laid. As we watch the final coat of paint dry, silly little stories like the one Lucchetti whipped up this morning, are merely sideshows.

Seems like we should be hearing shortly about plans regarding the anticipated AX-to-NYX ticker change, and the implicit IPO of the NYSE that this change represents. There truly aren't many more hurdles left in this obstacle course. . .


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