Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Timing for Release of Vote Outcome

It's hard to believe that it's already December 6! The jungle of nonsensical conjecture that has been ubiqitious since April 20, 2005 (when the NYX deal was announced) must now give way for facts. The fact of the matter is that this afternoon the 1366 NYSE members are scheduled to vote on the NYX deal. Recall, guesses towards the outcome of this vote have been a distraction from the day after the deal was announced and LongGone ("Langone") and Higgins started to rebel, and make public stooges of themselves. WSJ reporter, Aaron Lucchetti, has used the vote as a mechanism to spread bearish speculation (his bucketheaded articles are documented here at ArcaNews, and if you want a chuckle, re-read some of his commentary over the last several months). As cited here at ArcaNews, NewsWeek got into the bearish-outcome game, as did a rash of anal-ists (is that an anal rash?). But, 95% of what's been published about this deal since April 20, 2005, is bearshit, and purely conjecture.

Today, facts shall prevail.

ArcaNews spoke with representatives at the Big Board this morning (in the Secretary's office). It was learned that the members will report to Wall & Broad at 4:30 PM EST. They are expected to meet for no longer than 30 minutes. Upon the close of the vote this afternoon, the Inspector of Elections will issue a preliminary result (assuming that the vote is not very close, and he can determine the outcome with reasonable certainty). It doesn't sound like the Inspector of Elections will quantify the results today, but it does sound as though he will announce the unofficial results today -- probably around 5:00 PM EST.

This result will be made public, and tomorrow morning when the Inspector of Elections returns to his office, he'll conclude an official tally. This official tally will then be released to the public.


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