Monday, November 07, 2005

1st NYX Deal Could Be Biggest In Centuries

A favorable vote on 12/6/2005, SEC approval, and an official closing/IPO gives way to yet more opportunity. And with ArcaEx as the engine of the trading world's future, the opportunities are truly boundless.

The idea that there may be a fusion between the NYSE and the London Stock Exchange, an idea that ArcaNews has discussed before (see posting below dated, 10/28/2005), has been reported in London's Guardian Observer (read entire article here ).

The Guardian Observer states:

" emerged that the New York Stock Exchange under John Thain is also considering a bid for the LSE, which would turn the tables on rival European exchanges that have been mulling bids for London for the past 11 months.

Thain, however, is expected to wait until the new year before making a move as NYSE must still complete its acquisition of Archipelago Holdings, operator of a US electronic equities market. The acquisition, which should be finalised within weeks, will involve the NYSE shedding its mutual status and becoming a quoted company.

NYSE could delay its plans if Macquarie presses the green button, but Thain has lined up a bid for the LSE, whose chief executive is Clara Furse, because he believes that London will remain independent despite intense interest from competitors that include Euronext, which operates exchanges in Paris, Amsterdam and Lisbon. Thain is thought to have sounded out his financial advisers about how his plans for London could be brought to fruition."

It's interesting to look beyond the merger/IPO and start considering the myriad methods for the NYX to reward shareholders. The largest transformation in the global equity markets' history is afoot, and we're not even in the first inning. This is only pre-game batting practice and pepper.


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