Wednesday, November 30, 2005

BusinessWeek Reporter Joins Others On Short Bus

Dunce of the day today goes to Joseph Weber at BusinessWeek. Read his idiotic prose here.
This clown, Weber, has gone off the deep end with this article. He quotes the proven-to-be-misguided analyst, Richard Herr from Keefe Bruyette (On May 9, 2005, Herr downgraded AX to Mkt Perform. The stock closed at $32.87 that day -- today we're well over 50!).

Asking Herr's opinion about NYX is like asking Bill Buckner how to field a grounder at 1st base. Herr has consistantly proven that he's clueless. But lets not overlook that clown from Sandler O'Neil, Rich Ruppetto. This is the same guy who asked Putnam during last quarter's earnings call, if Putnam could provide him with metrics that would be meaningful to analysts, and give him a sense of how to look at NYX. Isn't that the job an anal-ist? Isn't developing meaningful mosaics what differentiates the good from the bad?

And, for the record, Ruppetto downgraded AX on 4/22/2005 and the stock closed at $29.76 that day. Again, Dick, we're over $50! Get a clue before saying anything remotely close to investment advice -- he's truly a good bed-mate for Charlotte Chamberlain. Shouldn't be long till she pipes up -- unless of course she's learned that she's indeed, without a clue.

Nonetheless, Weber decided to go to Ruppetto for insight. This one's like someone asking Helen Keller to say, "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" .

The paint is drying in spite of the herd of bozos that've been putting their hands in it while it's trying to dry. Tomorrow the NYSE meet one final time before the 12/06/2005 vote.

And as for Higgens and Co. trying to tell NYX that they should pay his $18mm legal fees -- GIMME A BREAK!

Should I see if George Steinbrenner will refund my Yankees tickets from last season since they didn't win the World Series?


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