Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Watching paint dry as deal closes

Interesting article from 10/24/2005 regarding the promise of the NYX. Notable are some quotes by Mr. Putnam concerning the evolution of a digital exchange. Click here to read it.

There's really not too much to write about as we sit here and watch the paint dry, so lets just take a quick look back at some bone-headed analyst calls:

Anyone heard from Rich Repetto or Charlotte Chamberlain?
Not sure if folks remember this clown, Richard Repetto, from Sandler O'Neill, but since he had the audacity to come out on April 22, 2005 and claim that AX shares should trade at bout $19.27 apiece (click here for proof), ArcaNews has the audacity to remind everyone of what a silly call he made in April.

Charlotte Chamberlain has been mute since April 22, 2005 when she downgraded AX as the stock closed at $29.76/share.

Ladies and gentlemen, AX closed today at $47.80/share!


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