Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hybrid's Impressive Evolution

As of 4/4/2006 there are 1659 Listed stocks active in Phase I of the Hybrid Market. According to the NYSE Hybrid Markets blog (click here for that), that number is four times the number of stocks that were active in Phase I as of 4/3/2006. In other words, 401 stocks were in Phase I on 4/3/2006 and as of 4/4/2006 there are now 1659 stocks active in Phase I.

If you're wondering, there are ~278o companies listed on the NYSE as of this post. This means that we've cleared the halfway point as far as activity in Phase I of Hybrid for Listed companies.


If you're curious about Hybrid here are some resources to help:
  • Click here to view a list of these 1659 companies.
  • Click here for an 83-page illustrated conceptual guide to Hybrid with plentyof examples
  • Click here for the Traders Magazine's webcast (from 2/22/2006) devoted to Hybrid
  • Click here for a bird's eye view some Hybrid concepts
Hybrid Market is yet another example of how innovation continues to differentiate NYSE Arca from the rest of the competitive landscape. The speed at which NYX is moving to get Hybrid in place and the well-thought-out phased approach to their implementation is a reflection of what a truly amazing company NYX is.


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