Monday, October 31, 2005

Refreshing report in Crains Chicago

Chicago Crains Business reporter, Aaron Elstein, has drafted a great article about the NYX deal picking up steam (click here to read it). Rather than write an absurd article about Mr. Putnam's 100,000 share sale, and pontificate about potential uses for his earnings, Elstein elaborates on the reality that the risk of the vote not coming out in favor of NYX is quite low. He explains that while the crusty old critics (read: Higgens and Langone) may've attracted a handful of friends to join their crusade, the Big Board and Archipelago have continued their march -- and their march has gained tremendous support!

To be sure, silly conjecture about potential pitfalls to this deal have been ubiquitous in the WSJ, the Financial Times, and Barrons (to name a few) essentially since the NYX deal was announced on 4/20/2005. It's truly refreshing to read an article that cites facts, names sources, and presents the story as it really is -- an incredible growth story that has and will reward shareholders.


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