Tuesday, February 06, 2007

American Eagle Joins the Leaders

Today's news that American Eagle Outfitters is delisting from NDAQ to list on the Big Board is another win for NYX. What makes this win particularly interesting is that when RHT did the same thing a short while back, their departure caused a hole in the QQQQ ("Cubes" if you're cool) ETF.

This hole was plugged by replacing (then 4-letter ticker) RHAT with AEOS (soon to be 3-letter ticker). This departure from Nasdaq creates another vacancy in the Cubes.

Also, HP's stroke of management genius to drop its Nasdaq listing and list solely on NYSE is yet another reflection of leading companies with visionary managers making decisions that help their shareholders (lower listing fees), and traders (best in class/world trading platform).

Here's a link to the NYSE ArcaNews story from 12-12-06 about the RHT move.


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