Friday, January 05, 2007

CNBC's Cramer's -- On The Money!

In case you haven't yet heard. Jim Cramer, has come out with his stock picks for 2007. He revealed that his #1 pick in the Growth Stock category for 2007 is. . .NYX!

Here's what he said according to's "Mad Money Recap":

"And the Winner Is...NYSE Group. Cramer's growth stock for the new year is the NYSE Group. If you're comfortable taking a few risks to make more and more mad money, NYX is for you," he said.

Cramer believes the NYSE will grow, blow away its estimates and "keep flying" because its main objective is to make money. The company is shutting down trading rooms and laying off people, replacing them with faster and cheaper machines.

Cramer said the stock has great revenue growth and a sound cost-cutting strategy, which should save the company millions of dollars. In addition, it has the lowest operating margins of all publicly traded exchanges and "low, beatable estimates," Cramer said.

The only reason NYSE shares are down is because of arbitrage pressure from its pending Euronext acquisition, said Cramer, and that pressure shouldn't last. The NYSE is ready "to conquer the world" and should go to $240 a share, Cramer said."


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