Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Growing ArcaEx-Listed Companies

As of 12/29/2004, ArcaEx has a total of 252 listed companies. Some of these listings are dually listed companies (i.e., listed on NYSE/Nasdaq, etc. and ArcaEx).

Arca has said that they consider growing their number of listed companies as a a key revenue driver. When you consider that the NYSE has over 2,800 companies listed (source: it becomes apparent that the market potential is gigantic.

Here's a list of the currently ArcaEx-listed companies:
Standouts include: American Express. Citigroup, Caterpillar,
Merrill Lynch, and Wal*Mart

And if you want to see just how competitive Arca's listing fees
are compared to the fees that the NYSE charges look below (note:
original listing fees are highlighted to indicate how considerably
different the fees are between ArcaExchange and the NYSE):

ArcaEx Fees:
(original listing fee = dually-listed = $10,000;
Not dually-Listed =$20,000;
No minimum charges)

NYSE Fees:
(original listing fee = $36,800; Minimum fees = $150,000)


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