Thursday, December 16, 2004

Extra, Extra Read All About it! Here's the Revised Regulation NMS

Here's where one goes to voice their opinion about the revised Regulation NMS:

Please, send e-mail to the SEC so they know where we, the public, stand on these monumental changes to the capital market structure here in the US. Please read the post below which described AX's views on the proposals. In short, here's where AX stands:
(feel free to copy and paste the following and send to the SEC)

1) Expanding the trade-through rule to the OTC marketplace is bad - bad because it interferes with the speed of execution and undermines the advances that the OTC marketplace has made over the years in terms of speed and best-price execution.

2) The SEC needs to ENFORCE the existing trade-through rule for the NYSE. As it currently stands, the specialist is the only one that's guarenteed the best price -- not you and me (read: the public).


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