Wednesday, November 24, 2004

AX and shades of CME

The Chicago Mercantile (NYSE: CME) had an IPO in December of 2002. They debuted at around $42/share and had trading volume very similiar to that of AX (

Today, nearly two years later, their price is roughly $200/share and their volume averages about 165,000 shares/day.

Here are some other choice comparisons: (there are, of course, PLENTY of differences)
Price/Sales ratio - For a quick take on the significance of this ratio click here:
AX: 1.64
CME: 10.11
This metric shows how much an investor pays for a dollar of revenue. A ratio 0f 1.0 means an investor pays $1.00 for a $1.00 of sales revenue.

Float - (Click for a definition)

AX: 11 million shares
CME: 31.7 million shares
Worth noting: The larger the float, the more diluted the EPS becomes.

Year/Year Revenue Growth - This one's pretty self-explanatory:
AX: 28.20%
CME: 16.10%


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